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Are you Interesting to Learn Android programing , IOS programing making website … and make money?

Basic Android Course started

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Starting from basic and you will understanding what is android, what you need and will increase your ability to start with android, after this course you will be able to start your first app.

This course is for aspiring Android developers with no prior programming experience. In this course, you will build your first Android app.

Start Learning Android and make money


Special Video for Android learning from Basic

All Levels can use it and it will start from basic

You will start from basic , installing , JAVA , Android , how to create different layers for your Android software,  Write an XML file , Display the text and display the photo ,  Make different styles  ,  Change the position , Use Relative Layout to change the position of views ,
 how to use Java ,  Build a button to run a code ,  Create an application for placement of math phrases ,  Initialization using variables ,  The domain ,  The layers , Types of string data ,  Integrating and combining string and numeric variables , will be familiar with working with Android platforms and streaming controls. Methods for notifications ,  Parameters and return values ,  Introducing object-oriented programming ,  Change dynamic display features ,  Create conditional logic using if / else ….
I recommend this post strongly for who like to learn or even have basic information about android.
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